Custom Tours

Custom Tours

Custom Tours for all Experience Levels
We specialize in helping you maximize your fun. We will design a custom tour that fits your adventuring needs. These custom tours consist of combining snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.  We can put something together that takes advantage of all the best parts of our ocean here in Kona. Depending on your skill levels we will make sure your safe and that you have the time of your life!

Custom Tours for Beginners:

We take our beginner lessons seriously. We start out by taking you somewhere you can touch bottom to help you adjust to your new environment. Then we give you plenty of 1 on 1 hands on instruction to help make you feel more comfortable. You will love our hands on approach as we help mold you into the water person you were meant to be.

Two hour snorkel tour(1 spot) $49pp, 2 person minimum, gear included.
Half day snorkel tour (2 spots) $ 99pp, 2 person minimum, gear included.

Custom Tours for Intermediate/Advanced

We take special care of our experienced groups. By showing you places that only we as locals know. This tour is taylored for the people who have snorkeled before and are comfortable getting in and out of water off the beaten path. If you want to learn to freedive deeper and methods to stay under longer, then this is for you. We will custom fit a tour to fit your needs.

Two hour snorkel tour(1 spot) $49pp, 2 person minimum, gear included.

Half day snorkel tour (2 spots) $ 99pp, 2 person minimum, gear included.

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