Month: February 2017

Whales, Tiger sharks and Sea monsters!

So 2 days ago my friend Danielle and I agreed to meet for our bye monthly or so paddle at the Harbor. We both have kids so we meet right after we drop our kids off at school. I am usually out there before them, but this morning I had a few things hold me

Back to the Beach 2/18/17

So I took a friend of mine to the beach yesterday because she really needed a Beach day. In one week she quit her job and moved into a new place. And she had more stuff to move than a family of four. Plus on top of that, she had to gave away her dog.

Daddy/Daughter Beach day Kona Hawaii!

My daughter and I went down for a daddy/daughter beach day at one of my favorite beaches this morning. One of the main reasons for going to this beach was to see the Monk seal that had recently had her baby down there. The monk seal and her new born were gone by the time

Driving to work in Hawaii

So I have to tell you guys about how special the last two days, my drives to work work were. Living in Hawaii has some perks and one of them being to ocean views as you drive aorund. I leave to work morning and since I work in town I usually take the beach road

February starts out with a Bang, Part 2!

Where I ended my last blog was as I reached the beach and excited about what I was about to do! I was about to paddle out at one of the best waves on the island. This is a spot where only the best surfers come to show of there talents. Its a true surfers

February starts out with a Bang!

So being the owner of a small company and working 2 jobs at the same time, can be quite demanding. Not to mention, also being a single dad of a 8 year old girl whom I adore. So when I get a day off I try to make to most of it. Well living in